Wine Glass Charms Beagle Breed Dog Pet Lover Mixed Metals Custom Rivets


Color for Eyes

Glass Bead Color 1

Glass Bead Color 2

A set of 2 wine charms. The charms are adorned with 2 different colors of glass Murano and Lampwork beads and a American Eskimo Dog  Pooch Tag / Charm. You can mix and match colors or breeds per set. The heads are hand cut using no laser or high tech dies so each piece will be unique and never made the same way twice. 

Size:   Roughly 1"

**You may mix/match colors for the breed if desired---Just leave a note or email me**

Size is roughly 1" x 1". Based on the proportions of the breed head. 

Your charms will be packaged in a small organza bag which features black felt paw prints--so adorable! 

**Each breed head that I make is handcrafted with no laser or die cutters used which makes each and every one different and unique. The heads go thru the stages of hand cutting, grinding, hand sanding, and then the finished product is covered in a special clear coat made specifically for metal to aid in protection and tarnishing.**

No two will ever be the same :)

**Turnaround time varies based on order load**