Leash Treat Poop Bag Dispenser Breed Dog Pet Lover Custom Burlap Purse


Color for Eyes

A 3" x 5" bag which can be used as a leash bag, treat, bag, and or poop bag dispenser! You may choose your breed of dog for the tag which will appear on the front or you may get a custom likeness of your pooch! These can carry 1 roll of poop bags plus keys, cash, credit cards, id, etc. You may choose to either have the feature of the grommet on the front for poop bag dispenser or you may leave it off and use it as a treat or leash bag. Constructed of burlap, leather, and antique brass hardware.

These burlap bags come with a drawstring and a snap fastener and are eco-friendly, completely biodegradable and made out of strong, natural jute fibres.They are tough, yet durable and will absorb moisture and allow for airflow and are perfect for a wide variety of storage applications. The addition of leather and antique brass hardware add to the toughness. A large antique brass grommet is added for the poop bag option.

Features a large 1.5" antique brass carabiner clasp for a quick, safe, and secure closure snap on. These are very hard to come by and are special ordered for these bags!

Bag color choices are: white, natural, moss green, hunter green, emerald green, orange, red, burgundy, lavender, and purple.

Size of bag 3" x  5".                Size of Tag:  1.5"

**For custom tags email pics to me here:  orders@pooch-tags.com**

Your choice of breed of dog, colors for breed, color of bag!  You may also get a custom likeness of your pooch instead of a standard breed tag. Or you may opt to not have a breed tag included and just go with the bag left blank on the front.

For standard breed tags, you may browse my store to see what your breed will look like!  Just type your breed name into the search box and this will bring up several pictures.