How can I pay?

We use PayPal as our payment processor, so we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Or, you can pay using your PayPal balance.

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Is your site secure?

Yes. You pay through PayPal, the world's premier electronic payment solution, not through this site. We never even see your credit card number; PayPal just tells us that you've paid and we ship you your stuff. We get your money through PayPal later.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy?

No, you can pay with your credit card without a PayPal account.


  • What is your turnaround time?     This varies based on order load  at the time of purchase. You may email me anytime for a rough estimate.    All are made to order and Custom Likeness Tags take  longer due to the extensive amount of time preparing them.  After the tags are fully assembled it takes 24-48 hours for them to fully "cure" before being handled.


  • What  are the tags made out of?       My tags are made from mixed metals (aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and nickel) and are held together using heavy duty metal rivets.  Each tag that I make is handcrafted with no laser or die cutters used which makes each and every one different and unique.  Each tag is hand cut, hand sanded,  and grinded  to a smooth finish. After being fully assembled, the tags are coated with a special clear coating made specifically for metal to aid in tarnishing and protection.   It leaves a somewhat rubbery texture over the tag.   It takes 24-48 hours for a tag to fully "cure" before being handled. 


  •  Are  the tags sturdy?        Yes, most of my tags are composed of at least 3+ different layers of metal in which make them very sturdy and thick, yet very lightweight. 


  • Can you make custom shapes and designs?       Yes, custom shapes and designs are available upon request.


  • What if my breed is not listed or pictured?         New breed designs can be added. Please contact me to add the breed.


  • Can you make other animals and or pets?          Yes,  I am not limited to dogs. I can make horses, cats,  hamsters,  bunnies, people, and many others  if provided with clear, crisp photographs.


  • Can you make a custom product for me?            Yes, if you have a custom project in mind, please feel free to contact me to discuss  adding the product to my line or  making a "one off" piece just for you.


  • I am ordering this as a "gift" and can only obtain a few photos, can you use different angles other than head/portrait shots?              Most of the time I can work with photos of different angles. Please email me and I can let you know.
  • Do you ship outside of the US?     Yes, I ship worldwide.