About Me

My name is Serina Jones, and I am the working artisan / sole proprietor / artist of Pooch Tags. I live in the very small, rural town of Saltville, VA tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains.  I am the owner of or should say “owned by” five pooches, three of which are Rescued Pit Bulls (one is a mix), Blaze, Star, and Zeus. My other two, Slinky and Dox, are smooth coat Dachshunds and they rule the roost! These guys and gal are my life and are of course spoiled rotten. 

I have always loved dog accessories, clothing, etc. and am one of those owners who will buy all sorts of accessories to spoil my pooches. I am also guilty of having a “tag fetish”. I love buying pet tags / charms for any and all occasions but after a while they all seemed to be the same styles or shapes and I could not find any real unique tags. So one day I sat down and tried to make my own tags. After extensive experimenting, searching and finding materials to use, and finding the right tools, I was able to come up with Pooch Tags. To this very day I still learn more ways of assembling and tooling them and adapt to make different shapes, sizes, etc. My tags are handmade with “old school” tools and they do take quite some time to create. Some of the tools I use are not even classified as a “tool” and are merely common household items. Although I classify them as tags, they have a wide range of uses such as key-chains, zipper pulls, pendants, purse charms, or can be clipped to pretty much anything!

Before I started Pooch Tags my job was that of a self taught graphic designer. Having this background is what lead me to be able to create many different designs, breeds, and custom tags. The design aspect is the backbone of a tag. The design process is very lengthy, especially when creating custom likeness tags, my best seller. These tags are created to look exactly like the customer’s pooch—color, markings, etc.  I am not limited to just pooches, I can/have also made pigs, horses, birds, rabbits, cats, etc. As long as the customer has a clear, crisp picture, I can transform it into a tag   These tags can take hours to create both design and physical wise based on the colors, markings, etc.   Some tags can end up being 10 or more layers. The concept of my tags is to make a tag that will appear 3D or lifelike in its shape and form. 






After several months of making and selling my tags, I began getting inquiries from customers to add or offer new products. I began ordering the necessary supplies and materials and now I not only offer tags but have expanded my product line to include the following: bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, magnets, lapel pins, badge/id holders, wine charms, wall art, rear view mirror hangers, and Christmas ornaments.  I hope to continually grow and add new and fun products for both the pets and pet lovers!

I also wholeheartedly support and donate products for raffles and events to Rescue organizations, both in the US and International, throughout the year to help them with funding. Rescue Organizations are so important and without them to help, rescue, adopt, transport, and save lives, so many animals would suffer or not get the love they deserve. In 2013, I was able to donate over $2,000 worth of products. 

I have learned that running your own business takes a lot of effort and is very time consuming. From being the artist, the assembler, the shipping department, customer service, ordering materials, and everything in between, I usually work 10+ hours per day and most weekends. Although, at my previous job I was not only a graphic designer, I had a multitude of duties and responsibilities to manage, so this has helped me to adept and juggle these tasks on a day to day basis. I absolutely love making tags, especially custom likeness tags, and would not change a thing!

Being a designer I have the upper hand in the advertising department.  I am able to design my own business cards, flyers, or any other materials I may need to help promote my business. I also have a background as a computer tech, so this also helps me design and manage my own website, shops, and social media and not have to rely or pay someone else to do it. I hold weekly giveaways on my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pooch-Tags/238860682836878) as a way to give back to my customers but I also tend to attract new customers by word of mouth or by customers tagging and sharing the giveaway to their friends and family.

When I am not working, I am an avid Kayaker and my Dachshunds come along and have their own life jackets!  I also do a lot of walking dogs since I have 5, so hiking is a big activity for me on a daily basis. I am also a bit of a gearhead and am currently working on my project car when I can get a little bit of spare time—although I have not had much time to tinker with it in the past year or so.